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Ormus Water Health  


DEFINITION ORMUS water contains a mineral known as Ormus. Ormus is sometimes referred to as ORME it’s the short form of orbitally rearranged monoatomic element.  


Ormus is a substance discovered by David Hudson, who stumbled upon Ormus while mining gold in his farm in Arizona.  


Ormus has been defined as a fictitious group of substances exhibiting many properties, such as superconductivity at room temperature and healing power.  


Ormus Water Health Ormus can be understood easily as an essential mineral found in seawater. Ormus water may benefit every living cell by improving energy flow in the human body.  


It is found in most biological system, but in small quantity.  


This increase energy flow in all living cells due to which the cell life span increases and which in return enhance the health of human being thus making it better and helps in survival.  


This substance is of great use to the human body and a very important part of life.  


In summary water in the body is ordered by m-state or Ormus elements, this ordered water constitute the tubulin inside the microtubules and the liquid crystalline continuum of the body, this allows quantum coherent communication with non- physical information.  


This coherent information facilitates the repair of DNA to a healthy template. 




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